Welcome to the homepage of the Journal of Computer Science and Engineering, in Arabic.

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The International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering in Arabic (IJCSEA) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes high quality articles. It aims to provide a forum for the interchange of ideas, opinions, and research results between computer science scholars, researchers, educators and practitioners who believe in the necessity to use Arabic as a communication medium for furtherance of their culture and to preserve their place among nations. As an Arabic research community, it is our duty to promote our language in the scientific field, in particular there is a tremendous lack of Arabic references in computer science and engineering area.

To fulfill its mission, the Journal seeks original papers written in Arabic, ranging from theoretical foundations of computing to models, methods and techniques for the design, development and maintenance of computing applications. Submissions fall into three categories:

1.Research papers, which report on theoretical or applied research in the field of computing, and are subject to the traditional criteria for research publications, in terms of relevance, originality, and quality.
2. Survey papers, which are typically written by an expert in a field of computing to report on the most recent, most relevant developments of a specific field. Survey papers are typically intended for readers who have some familiarity with the field, and are subject to the traditional criteria for such papers, such as exhaustiveness, synthetic depth, credibility, and clarity.
3. Tutorial papers, which are typically written by an expert in a specific field of computing to introduce this field to a general audience that does not necessarily have prior knowledge of it. Tutorial papers are subject to criteria such as readability, clarity, and credibility.

IJCSEA is published by Phillips Publishing Company, in three issues a year (Apr, Aug, Dec). The editorial board hopes to increase the number of issues when the flow of quality papers increase. For the subscription information, please click here.