Preparation and Submission 

1.Preparation of manuscripts: Contributions to the IJCSEA must be written in Arabic and prepared using this template. For referencing and indexing purposes, the Title and Abstract of the paper must be translated in English, and inserted after the Arabic title and (respectively) the Arabic Abstract. All submissions must include a lexicon of technical terms, along with their English translations. These will appear with the paper, and will be added to an evolving lexicon that is maintained by the publisher. Please refer to:,

to make use of existing terminology whenever possible.

2. Submission: Contributions should be submitted in Arabic through the IJCSEA online submission system. Authors are acknowledged immediately by the online submission system. They can track the progress of their papers via this online management system.

3.     Decision: The Journal of Computer Science and Engineering in Arabic endeavors to keep the turnaround of papers within two to three months, for the first round of reviews.